Discount Code DigitalOcean for July 2019

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Discovering Digital Ocean

A startup founded merely a few years ago, DigitalOcean is hugely popular due to the quality of its service, thus gaining the trust of numerous clients including some IT giants. What is DigitalOcean? What does it do? What sets its service apart?


Created in 2011, DigitalOcean is a company which rise really kicked off in 2013 and both the quality of its service and its attractiveness to potential customers have since skyrocketed. Moreover it has surpassed most companies providing similar services, including Amazon.

What service does DigitalOcean provide?

DigitalOcean offers low cost cloud hosting services. This type of hosting offers numerous advantages. For information DigitalOcean hosts the JQuery library and Redis.

Cloud hosting? What is it?

From a user perspective, cloud servers are identical to the common dedicated servers. A cloud VPS also gives access to an IP address, storage space, etc. Cloud servers thus provide as much freedom as standard servers. The real difference concerns the hardware.  Unlike their standard counterpart with tasks carried out by physical machines, tasks on cloud servers are performed by virtual machines.

Why is the cloud better?

A cloud server is by far more practical than a standard one. Its performances can be improved any moment by increasing its storage memory, CPU speed and/or bandwidth, etc. All can be done in a few clicks. For example, this allows you to start with a small scale website and a limited budget so as to reduce risks.

Why is DigitalOcean better ?

DigitalOcean is the best for several reasons. These include:

  • Minimum configuration :

It is as follows:

512 MB of RAM

XXX GHz single core CPU

20GB storage on a SSD drive

1TB bandwidth.

These characteristics are more than sufficient to operate a fast and fluid website. Obviously, since DigitalOcean relies on a cloud server, the RAM capacity and the number of CPU cores can be upgraded as you website generates increasing traffic.

  • SSD drive for all

A SSD drive is both faster and more robust than standard hard drives. Thus this drive both provides additional safety for your data and speeds up your website.

  • Value for money

With DigitalOcean, the minimum configuration described above is offered at 5 $ per month only, which represents a mere 0.007 dollars per hour. Therefore anyone can afford to have a website hosted by DigitalOcean.

In addition to those, web hosting with DigitalOcean provides several substantial advantages for a competitive price which can be further reduced thanks to the DigitalOcean Discount Code 2016. Get started today, experience DigitalOcean webhosting and see for yourself.

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