Coupon Code OverPlay for July 2019

You wish to register for an OverPlay subscription plan and are looking for a valid coupon code in order to save a few dollars on the total bill. You are here at the right place, on the right webpage. Simply follow the link to discover your OverPlay Coupon Code for 2016.

This discount code has to be typed in the relevant input box before checking out on the OverPlay website.

What is

OverPlay is a Smart DNS service that enables users to access previously blocked websites such as Hulu and Netflix, or to use a variety of Streaming services and to watch a multitude of foreign TV channels online without interruption or blocking regardless of the users’ country of residence. 120 TV channels were originally available. OverPlay later added 80 more. Needless to say that it is the perfect service to follow sports on foreign channels. The United States, Australia and Canada are among the countries which media are accessible through OverPlay Smart DNS. The exhaustive (and very long) list is available on the official website Lists for accessible websites as well as compatible hardware (computers and/or mobile devices) are also available.

Subscription options

OverPlay offers two subscription options, available through monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly payment plans. Available from 4,95 $ per month, the easy-to-install (both on computers and mobile devices) Smart DNS tool unlocks regional restrictions and provides a high-speed connection. The complete solution including Smart DNS and VPN is at 9,95 $ per month without an OverPlay discount code. It provides extended functionalities, such as:

  • unrestricted web browsing,
  • online privacy protection,
  • secure unlocking of regional content.


Infrastructure, warning and service deployment


OverPlay infrastructure is composed of but not limited to providing an IP address, a connection bandwidth, a transport service, commuters, servers and any other equipment used to send or receive, or to serve as a communications channel for any kind of data. Usage of peer-to-peer (P2P) networks such as Bit Torrent is allowed. The VPN can be used for P2P exchanges.


OverPlay does not authorize the sharing of pirated content. Users must refrain from engaging in illegal activities at the risk of having their account suspended with no refund.

OverPlay Inc. opposes any attempt to break the laws of any country and works actively to prevent any illegal activity within its network in accordance with the laws of its country of residence as well as those of the countries where its servers are located.

Service deployment

Usage of a virtual private network (VPN) is legal in most countries, with the exception of Syria, Libya, Iran, Cuba, Sudan and North Korea. OverPlay does not market its services/hardware in the aforementioned countries. Moreover access to specific websites or Internet services as well as usage of VoIP applications such as Skype can be illegal in certain countries, regardless of the usage of a VPN. OverPlay Inc. shall not provide services to users located in Ghana or Nigeria and reserves the right to restrict access to its IP addresses in other high risk countries. In certain limited circumstances additional identification can be required to protect the network from scams and abuse.

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