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Most companies collect, process, analyze and compile information. Solutions designed to securely manage all this data now exist on the Web. Cyfe is one of these innovations.

In a few words

Cyfe is a virtual service for real-time processing and analysis of data. Its goal is to provide dashboards in real-time. Cyfe is a strategic decision-making tool. It is only accessible online. The user manages the tool alone. The application takes as an input a list of websites of interest defined by the user. Then the user selects a set of criteria relevant to his needs. Through this setting the user can for example create a visual report of his company ratings on social media. Let us now learn about the strengths of the platform.

A solution for everyone

Cyfe solution addresses the requirements of beginners as well as experts in the world of data analysis. It can be used in any company but is also suitable to the needs of freelancers. In a company, Cyfe is best employed within decision-making departments, those that directly impact the running of the business. These are IT departments, financial departments, marketing, sales, customer service, etc. The software solution can be accessed from any computer and mobile device. Cyfe supports an unlimited amount of simultaneously connected users and reports. Besides, users within a common session can interact through a virtual whiteboard. The user is offered customization options ranging from the layout to the functionalities of the platform.


Appropriate inputs

Cyfe solution processes any online service with a dashboard. It supports the usual websites such as messaging (MailChimp) and social media (Facebook). Cyfe supports website creation services such as WordPress. Online shopping websites (Amazon) can be easily integrated in the application. Cyfe is also a professional solution. The owner can link Cyfe to other decisional tools such as Google Analytics. It is recognized due to its predefined and customizable mini software. With these functionalities, the client can easily manage IT equipment or supervise internal procedures.

An all-in-one solution

Cyfe provides dashboards answering decision-making needs in real time. These reports can be shared with other users with the agreement of the original owner. Data can be exported in several formats including PDF and CSV, with the CSV format being usable for other purposes. At any time, users can consult their reports issued within the last three months. Trend evolution tracking is thus covered. It is also possible to schedule an automatic periodic reporting through e-mail. Cyfe dashboards can additionally be displayed on a TV screen; Cyfe automatically adapts to the screen resolution. Only the timer between graphics to be displayed needs to be setup.

Affordable costs

To discover Cyfe solution, one can subscribe to the free trial version. The user will then have limited access to functionalities. The client must upgrade to a paying subscription plan in order to have full access to all the opportunities provided by Cyfe. Two subscription options are available – monthly or yearly « Premium » – which can be used in combination with Cyfe Coupon Code available in 2016. For a monthly subscription, the fee is $19/month. It is further reduced to $14/month for a yaerly subscription.

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