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HostGator, a giant in web hosting

HostGator is a very active web hosting provider. It even rose to become a pillar of web hosting in the United States.  The company was founded in 2002, with its headquarters located in Houston, Texas. It has since known a quick and strong growth and has built a reputation that has never been proven wrong: the company currently manages over 7 million domain names and more than 90% of its customers report their satisfaction. Moreover it offers a charge free hosting option to nonprofit organizations.

HostGator provides a large array of web hosting services including some mutualized solutions and manages domain name registration. The company thus became one of the largest web hosting providers in the world within a few years by offering attractive prices, high reliability and quality technical support.


Review and practical case

The proposed solutions are adapted both to modest blogs such as WordPress and to large businesses. Indeed, account creation is simple and the configuration panel is at once intuitive and powerful. Clients can choose their operating system (Windows or Linux) and have the possibility to sublet their web hosting at a reasonable price.

The company offers 3 packs of mutualized hosting: Hatchling, Baby and Swamp. Its basic subscription is at 7.16 USD per month, or 3.96 USD per month in case of a 36 months commitment. It also offers a two-year subscription at 4.76 USD per month or a one-year subscription at 5.56 USD per month. It must be noted that HostGator also offers a trial period (with no subscription obligation) of 45 days. These offers are very attractive and certainly very aggressive (as the company symbol, the crocodile).

These different offers mainly comprise:

  • Unlimited hard drive space
  • Domain support
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Shared SSL certificate
  • Website builder
  • Instant backup
  • 99% effective operation time guarantee

The starting offer does not include a free domain, but it is possible to buy one. The company does not require a contract and provides upgrade options from one subscription plan to another by paying the subscription difference fee.

Customer policy and commercial offers

HostGator has a strong presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter), which enables a real interaction with its customers as well as a simplified way to share updates and answer customer questions. HostGator relies on a 24/7 support that can be reached through a live chat, e-mail and phone. HostGator even provides community forums, video tutorials and many support articles. This is a high quality and exhaustive community approach, strongly appreciated by the users.

It is now easier to understand how this web hosting provider earned its reputation, further emphasized by its numerous awards:

  • 21st fastest growing business in the United States – Inc. Magazine (2008)
  • Best Web Hosting by « FindmyHost » (2008)
  • Best  Web Hosting Provider « Dedicated Server Directory » (2008)
  • Top 25 Host Award (2008)
  • Best Web Hosting Providr of the year by top14webhosts (2007)
  • Best Budget Web Hosting Provider of the year by top10hebergeurs (2007,2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014)

As seen in the beginning of the article, HostGator leads an American-style discount policy which means you will certainly find your discount, be it during seasonal sales, on Black Friday or during any other American or worldwide commercial event.

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