Discount Code & Gift AWeber for July 2019

Since e-mailing is the sinews of war of any web marketing campaign, AWeber provides you with discount codes to alleviate your budget and enjoy the performance of its brand solutions. In order to participate in the best offers of the website, follow this link and wait no longer to get your AWeber discount code to be used in 2016.

The confirmation of AWeber discount codes takes no longer than a few seconds. Once you have chosen the offer best adapted to your needs, just copy and paste the code you received in the input box. The discount on your bill will be effective immediately.

AWeber in a few figures

Tom Kulzer came up with the ingenious idea of creating AWeber in 1998. Since its foundation, the number of customers has never stopped growing. Within its 17 years of existence, the brand continuously developed strategies and implemented them so well that more than 120,000 subscribers are currently putting their trust in the e-mailing tools marketed by the company.

In order to cover the needs and requirements of its customer base, AWeber relies on a team of 110 employees to insure the smooth operation of the company. The managing team, the marketing team, the designers, the engineers, the production team and the customer service all stand shoulder to shoulder to contribute to the growth of the company.

AWeber’s philosophy

AWeber owes its success to its 6 core values.

  • Few companies can claim to offer as friendly and as relaxed a working environment as the one AWeber employees enjoy. However when it comes to customer care, each team member resumes a professional attitude and provides customized and outstanding service.
  • Mutual respect and cooperation are the motto of AWeber staff. In fact the company premises have been designed as an open space precisely in order to foster a spirit of cooperation and encourage close teamwork.
  • Passion for work. AWeber teams, in particular the customer service, are passionate about and dedicated to their daily tasks.
  • Education, training and innovation. These three cornerstones contributed to uplifting the company’s activity. AWeber was in fact one of the pioneers in the design of automated e-mail responses.
  • AWeber communicates with customers on social media and considers their opinion regarding the provided services.
  • On AWeber premises one sometimes wonders whether one ended up in an entertainment hall. In addition to the giant slides, an arcade area, a ping-pong room, a pool table and an area dedicated to paintball have been built so that the staff can enjoy themselves during breaks.


AWeber strengths

E-mailing solutions offered by AWeber are highly performant and rely on the latest technologies. The company offers a 30-day trial to test them.

Video tutorials are provided on a dedicated platform to introduce customers to the use of the products. If needed, the customer service can be reached 7 days a week.

In order to address all the client categories, e-mail campaigning tools developed by AWeber are adapted to desktop computers as well as laptops and mobile devices.

Moreover, in order to encourage you to test its products, the company offers an array of AWeber Gifts and Coupon Codes.

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