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Discover Jimdo: test and feedback

Jimdo is a German company founded in 2007. Its creators are Fridtjof, Christian, and Mathias, three young entrepreneurs and coding enthusiasts who were already heading a website design company at the age of 16. They quickly realized that their customers were first and foremost looking for a user-friendly tool that would allow them to easily design websites. With this in mind, they focused entirely on a coding task that one year later resulted in the creation of Jimdo.

Jimdo has since become a company employing 200 people with offices based in San Francisco, Tokyo and Hamburg. Jimdo products currently run over 15 million websites all around the world.


What does Jimdo offer?

Jimdo’s CMS is user-friendly and very fast. This content management system allows anyone to design professional looking websites or online stores with no prior knowledge in HTML or any other programming language.

Jimdo offers 3 solutions: JimdoFree (design a free website) and 2 paid services, JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness. Jimdo provides all the necessary tools for website design. The graphic design tool provides the user with an array of fully adaptable and customizable themes in order to create a professionally looking website. It should be noted that the design can be modified as often as needed.

The large range of available tools enables designing specific websites for diverse projects or activities (e-commerce, showcase website, blog, resume, personal website, portfolio …).

With Jimdo, easily design, develop and host your website

Compared to the free version (JimdoFree), JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness solutions in particular enable creating websites that are fully customizable, adaptable to all displays and with a dynamic design. These solutions also include one domain name, a customized email account and the webhosting. Connection to the main social media and natural referencing are also included.

Image uploading and content management have been greatly simplified as well. Thus adding text, blog articles, images, contact forms or inserting a video gallery as well as sharing on social media are now simple formalities.

In collaboration with Jimdo France we offer you Jimdo 2017 discounts. These will give you access to discount codes and coupons for JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness solutions. You can thus significantly save on these subscriptions.

Among all the available online web design options for websites or e-commerce, Jimdo appears as one of the most obvious choices. Intuitive, fast and user-friendly, Jimdo stands out through its customer proximity as well as its discounts and coupons.

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Jimdo: easy to use

You only need to fill a short registration form in order to access Jimdo’s design environment and start customizing your very own website. With Jimdo, there is no need to learn any programming language to run your website; the interface is both stripped-down and user-friendly. The configuration panel is logical and allows managing different features (domain name, contributors, search engine optimization and various other applications).


Jimdo users can access various themes, customizable through embedded edition tools and the insertion of widgets. Blogging and e-commerce features are nothing short of impressive.

Jimdo enables the creation of dynamic blog articles with interactions such as downloading (synchronization with your Dropbox account is available), customizable HTML widgets, flash animations, embedding of Google Maps, etc…

Jimdo’s e-commerce solution is extensively customizable as well. It provides a variety of configurable properties: product display, taxes (a separate individual rate can be used for each article), article availability, description of shipping rates and times, payment options, return and cancelling policy. “Greeting” and “transaction completed” messages, as well as confirmation emails and all other messages are fully customizable.

Each Jimdo website is automatically optimized for mobile devices. It is however possible to deactivate or modify the website appearance on mobile devices. 13 themes for the mobile version are currently available and if you wish to create a custom theme, you only need to use the mobile display CSS editor.

JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness users can use mobile themes or set up a professional landing page through the ‘Mobile Express Page’ option. This webpage will showcase the critical information about your company; visitors using mobile devices will then be redirected to this webpage.

Jimdo provides several levels of search engine optimization. Thus JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness users can overlook the automatically generated webpage names and create/define the exact URL for the webpage themselves. Jimdo also supports URL redirections and allows beginners to carry out SEO tasks through the RankingCoach extension.

The mobile Jimdo application for iOS and Android should be noted as one of the most valuable features. It enables writing blog articles and updating one’s Jimdo website from anywhere in the world.

30 customizable themes are currently available. Each new theme provides numerous alternative predefined settings. Moreover, if you possess some coding knowledge, you will be able to design a completely unique theme for your Jimdo website, using the theme customization interface (HTML/CSS editor and file manager). Once you have finished your website, you may still change your theme without losing any content.

When customizing your website appearance, you’ll probably notice the ‘Style by Element’ option. It will allow you to choose to apply modifications to a single element, or all elements of a given type within the website. This powerful option avoids numerous and tedious manual editions.


JimdoPro, upgrading to a professional website

Choosing JimdoPro gives access to numerous additional features and options with regard to the free Jimdo webhosting offer. One would thus note an increased storage space, embedded statistics, QR code creation, optimization and customization for mobile devices, connection to social media and an ad free environment.

With JimdoPro you are fully in control of your website so as to bring it within a professional framework. JimdoPro provides a large array of tools designed to let you build the website you need. The perfect solution for freelancers, photographers, artists, etc…

JimdoPro was designed so that users could feel close to the website they created on their own. The offer contains all the necessary features: customizable email addresses and domain names, an increased number of items for the online store, a faster customer support and many other features.

JimdoPro enables the creation of really beautiful websites which is important as websites with a beautiful look are more successful than plain ones. Jimdo theme designs are frequently updated in order to match current trends while providing the user with full customization capacity.

Image processing and photo galleries have been simplified enabling the uploading of impressive images mirroring your style and your personality in just a few clicks.

Jimdo websites are pre-optimized in order to facilitate their ranking within the first pages of search results on both desktop and mobile devices. JimdoPro brings an even larger number of SEO options, including in particular optimized URLs and the option to edit metadata for advanced users.

Main JimdoPro features:

  • 5 € monthly fee
  • 5 Go storage space
  • 1 domain name (+ second-level domain)
  • 1 email account with 3 redirections
  • professional support (responding within 24 hours)
  • search engine optimization for main search engines
  • 5 protected areas per password
  • no advertising
  • up to 15 products in the online store
  • website statistics
  • up to 125 000 pictures
  • access to professional design themes

JimdoBusiness presentation

For more demanding customers, the most complete Jimdo solution is JimdoBusiness. This package includes all JimdoFree and JimdoPro features as well as many additional options and functionalities. This solution is in particular suitable for professional Jimdo users as it allows unlimited use of all Jimdo features.

JimdoBusiness will take you further in the customization of your online store or website. In a few clicks you will access a vast amount of additional designs. Jimdo has indeed developed a set of specifically professional themes for JimdoBusiness users, thus further expanding an already wide choice.

Upgrading to JimdoBusiness also grants a significant increase in storage space. All those requiring a lot of storage will be delighted as storage space becomes unlimited. JimdoBusiness users will have access to 20 email accounts with the possibility to redirect an unlimited amount of email addresses.

Available for 180 EUR per year (or 15 EUR per month), the subscription to JimdoBusiness supports an unlimited access to e-commerce features. One can thus use extensive e-commerce functionalities without needing to pay additional fees or being limited by the amount of online articles. The user will also be able to provide future clients with all payment methods (payment upon delivery, by check, by invoice, etc…) as well as with certain additional options.

Currently in France 4 out of 10 web users own a smartphone, therefore websites designed by Jimdo are optimized for different operating systems running on mobile devices. Thus users can access a Jimdo website from any device and shop online without running into any barrier.

Choosing a JimdoBusiness package grants a domain name and access to a certain number of privileges such as a priority access to support. Questions from JimdoBusiness users are indeed treated as a priority by the technical support.

Internet 2.0 advantages have not been disregarded and connections between the website and different social media have been simplified.

For those who wish to restrict access to their website or to some specific content, Jimdo allows the creation of protected areas that can only be accessed through a password. Any amount of protected areas can be added anywhere on the website.

Main JimdoBusiness features:

  • 15 € monthly fee
  • unlimited storage space
  • 1 domain name (+ second-level domains)
  • 20 customized email accounts with unlimited redirections
  • business support (Premium support) responding within 2 hours
  • SEO with advanced features
  • unlimited protected areas
  • no advertising
  • unlimited products in the online store, management of discount coupons and mailing options
  • no Jimdo transaction fee
  • usage statistics
  • express mobile webpage
  • unlimited pictures

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Switching between Jimdo offers

You have chosen a JimdoFree or JimdoPro offer and wish to upgrade to JimdoBusiness but are worried you may lose your data and have to redesign your website.

Jimdo has anticipated this case and users can seamlessly and easily switch to a JimdoPro or JimdoBusiness version anytime, without any loss of data. All they need to do is go to the “Buy” tab in their website administrator menu and order the desired package. Once the checkout complete, the website will be automatically upgraded. If you upgrade during the course of the year, the billing will be fairly adjusted.

Let’s take a deeper look at the Jimdo offer

Since its creation in 2007, Jimdo has become one of the most important web design and content management systems. This Hamburg-based company started its adventure in a farm belonging to one of the founders’ parents.

Jimdo has sustained its growth during 5 years, reaching 5 million users in February 2012 and 10 million users in November 2013. Since then the company has been holding its position in the web design industry. More than 12 million websites have been designed with Jimdo and web users have been continuously relying on this service due to its easy usage and management, and its large array of available options and features.

All Jimdo offers provide the following options: an HTML5 WYSIWYG web editor, professional quality themes, social media tools, a theme editor for mobile devices, blogging tools, photo galleries, contact forms, Google Maps, an unlimited bandwidth, and direct embedding of videos and widgets.

Jimdo wasn’t specifically designed for distinctive types of industries or businesses; users can simply choose from certain themes to begin (portfolio, store, business and personal) and they build their own free or paying website upon this base.

Jimdo offers a full web hosting service, which means that the only prerequisites for using it are an up-to-date web browser (Chrome, Firefox and Safari are advisable) and a stable Internet connection. The editor for mobile devices requires one of the following operating systems: Android (4.1 or later) and iOS (8 and later). For an optimal running, cookies should be activated and the latest versions of JavaScript and FlashPlayer installed and activated as well.

This offer comes with a responsive customer support and numerous sources of practical information such as the Jimdo blog and forum.

The Jimdo blog is a valuable source of information and of frequently updated tips. By subscribing to this blog one is assured to be informed of the latest Jimdo news and to discover tips and practical features.

The Jimdo forum is a discussion and exchange space where French-speaking Jimdo users can share and discuss their experience, and find the answers to some of their questions. This forum bears witness of the dynamism of the Jimdo France community.

Jimdo can embed any type of product or service containing an embedding code. In order to do so, users only need to paste their codes in an HTML code editing widget. This system enables embedding a large array of additional services and companies.

Jimdo also offers a list of recommended widgets covering a large range of activities, from corporate services to programming, emailing, e-commerce, etc…

Jimdo officially supports Paypal as a payment system. However, e-commerce applications can rely on a wide choice of alternative payment methods.

Jimdo and the competition

Jimdo’s main competitors are Wix, Weebly and Squarespace. Although Jimdo isn’t the most well-known or the most popular web design system yet, it dominates the competition on various points, in particular an efficient and strong offer for e-commerce solutions. E-commerce tools provided by Jimdo are most useful; one can create an inventory in real time, open and close orders, or set automatic response emails for customers. One can also set up automatic discount codes, etc…

The large Jimdo forum community is another significant asset since it provides the user with a mutual aid platform accessible in several languages. The free Jimdo platform is also one of the advantages of the service since it enables the design of a functional website with all the required tools, no time limit and without pressuring the user to upgrade to a paid version.

Conclusion: Jimdo, a key offer

After examining the Jimdo offer and its features in depth, in particular the JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness packages, it appears that Jimdo became a key web design platform. It is a user-friendly service that manages to surprise the user with its efficiency and the depth of some of its features. Some options are certainly still too simplistic and should be improved, but in general the software impresses by its complexity and careful design.

Jimdo really is the best choice solution for small businesses looking to make themselves known and share their corporate culture online, for students looking to build a portfolio, for businesses wishing to develop their online capabilities, and for any other individual or company looking to build an effective and visually attractive online presence. Alternatives exist, however Jimdo is one of the best and when one takes into account the numerous Jimdo discount coupons, Jimdo becomes a must have service. Try it and see for yourself!

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