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You selected SeoBook in order to learn the most advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques but as you complete your checkout, you realize that a Gift Certificate could considerably reduce your bill.

You are now looking for a Gift Certificate! You have reached the right webpage. Follow the link below to get the SeoBook Gift Certificate 2016 you need.

About SeoBook

SeoBook proves to provide a wealth of information and innumerable tips and hints for SEO professionals. SeoBook service is a training program aimed at discovering and mastering SEO particularities. It provides detailed information about various areas of SEO such as:

  • Domain names,
  • Keyword research,
  • On-Site SEO,
  • Website architecture,
  • Best practice for links,
  • Performance monitoring,
  • Online directories,
  • Website monetization.

Training is made available through various tools, videos and through a private members forum. Instead of hiring a personal SEO tutor for over 3000 € per month, one can learn more through this training suite available at unrivalled flat-rates.


SeoBook registration and its many advantages to be enjoyed without reserve!

Registration on SeoBook is free and only requires a valid e-mail address and a username. A welcome e-mail (signed by Aaron and the SeoBook team) is sent for each new registration containing an array of free services. In addition to the free suite of SEO Firefox add-ons, coupon codes for Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Amazon Ads are generously offered free of charge. It is also possible to register for the « 7days to SEO success » program. And that’s not all, free access to the SeoBook Keywords Research tool is provided.

A meaningful demonstration !

To illustrate SeoBook hegemony over training in Search Engine Optimization, the subscription webpage provides a demonstration that will persuade even the most skeptical customers: SeoBook is consistently ranked first on the first page of search engines for the keyword “Seo training”! You can check it yourself, for example on Google, Bing, etc.


Additional advantages for SeoBook subscribers

For a subscription fee, users have access to all the SEO training they may need: hundreds of modules, books, videos and many additional tools. Moreover, SEO being an ever-changing environment, subscribers have access to news and updates on the SeoBook blog.

The maximum SeoBook subscription fee is at 10 USD per day or 300 USD per month, even less with a SeoBook gift certificate. Your SeoBook Gift Certificate 2016 provides you with a substantial discount over a given subscription time! Don’t hesitate to follow the provided link.

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