Namecheap Coupons & Discount Codes for July 2019

Do you need a Namecheap discount code for your shopping on its platform? Look no further. Our selection of discount codes for 2016 will allow you to save on your shopping from the website. Follow the link below to claim your discount code today.

10% off domain name registrations (.com, .net etc.) and transfers.

Have you received your code? It is very easy to validate it. A few clicks and it is done. Enter the code number in the dedicated input box to instantly enjoy a discount on your bill.

Why choosing Namecheap?

As its name suggests, Namecheap is a leader in low cost webhosting. Founded in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall, it offers affordable web solutions to individual customers, businesses but also retailers. Within it 15 years of existence, the webhost managed to earn the trust of over a million customers. Since it began its activity, around 3 million domain names have been sold. Its headquarters being based in Los Angeles, most data centers are located in the United States. However the company also relies on data centers based in the United Kingdom.

Namecheap webhosting solutions reviewnamecheap

Namecheap subscribers are offered customized service. Individuals can buy domain names, host websites on mutualized servers and have access to development tools for their websites. Businesses have professional solutions at their disposal that allow optimizing security for their online activity. To cover these needs, Namecheap provides dedicated servers, VPS servers and management platforms relying on the last generation of cPanels. The webhost resorts to RAID safety technologies as well as WhoisGuard privacy protection in order to secure all data transfers on its websites.

Namecheap customer advantages

Namecheap is a webhost that knows how to pamper it subscribers. During subscription customers are offered to choose webhosting on US or UK servers. Subscribers have access to support through a live chat. The webhost chose this option to favor proximity to its clients. Additionally various tutorials and online guides are available to accustom the subscribers with Namecheap’s array of web services. A message board provides subscribers with a space to share opinions and stay in touch.

When it comes to discounts, subscribers are specially favored. At certain periods, this specialist in low cost web solutions provides uniquely attractive discounts both to individuals and businesses. Discounts granted by the company can amount up to 90% of the base price. Throughout the year, discount code hunters can enjoy discounts provided by the webhost. You will find a selection of Namecheap coupons and discount codes for 2016 on our platform.

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