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PPH is probably the first UK-based freelancer website that offers UK and foreign freelancers the chance to connect with employers and small business clients to deliver web-based projects. Even though it’s based in the UK, everybody with skills can join in.

This is very time and cost-effective solution for clients as they can post a job in seconds and hire freelancers to do their required tasks without having to hire another standard employee to work for them. It’s also useful for freelancers who are on the hunt for clients that want to use them for a particular project that matches their skills.

Freelancers can search and browse through various job postings daily under certain categories and also promote hourlie services in which they set their own prices and time estimates for a task e.g I will write an article for £20 in 2 days. So these are some great ways to promote their services and show clients what they are capable of doing.

Ordering with the Peopleperhour promo code

The good thing about PPH is that there are no fees to join and create a profile or use the main features of the platform. It’s virtually the same model adopted by other freelance websites. The only slight issue is that you’ll have to fully complete your profile to be added and use the platform as a freelancer–all fields are mandatory.

Some of the required fields have to be filled first before you can proceed to the next stage of profile confirmation. You can’t open a new freelancer account without entering and validating your mobile phone number which is a bit annoying and a bit bothersome for people who don’t wish to give out their mobile phones for privacy or other reasons.

The site chooses for you the sections that you need to go through and fill first before everything else. So if you want to jump right into the first section that comes into mind, you won’t be able to do so. You can’t skip a section or go back and forth, the process is pretty inflexible if you ask us. There is also a Reference section which lets you connect your profile to your blog/website or social media but this is not as useful if you ask us as the rest.

The last profile section is all about customising your basic profile. You can add various portfolio items, videoss, audios or picks showcasing your skills and working experience in the categories that you offer services. You can also upload text documents if you prefer. Compared to other freelance websites, the system won’t let you bid on job postings or post your own hourlies without completing fully your profile first.

One option that sets them apart though is that their dedicated referral system. If you invite a friend to join the platform and they set-up their own profile, you can make up to $45 after they land their first job. If you can refer more friends,you’ll earn more money.

Looking for jobs

After finishing with your profile, you can begin straightaway to look for job postings that match your skills and  preferences, under the following markets:

  • Design
  • Writing/Translation work
  • Administrative and secretarial tasks
  • IT/Coding
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Accounting and Legal services
  • Other miscellaneous markets

The Writing section is also broken down to several sub-categories which include the following:

  • Article Writing
  • Blog Posts
  • Script Writing
  • Proofreading/Editing
  • Web Page content
  • E-book writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Bio writer
  • E-mail and newsletters
  • Copywriting
  • Ghostwriting
  • Technical writing

Up to the moment of writing this piece, PPH had a lower amount of jobs posted in comparison to other major freelancing websites like Upwork and Freelancer. There is the option to choose from entry-level, middle, or expert level job postings so that lets you filter anything that doesn’t meet your earning expectations such as low paying jobs that ask for the word for peanuts in exchange. On average, there are 100-400 jobs posted daily in total so there are not much options under each category.

So browsing and choosing to filter the categories you wish to appear in front of you is a great privilege. You can choose from entry level to expert level tasks depending on your skills and earning expectations. Of course this will save you a considerable amount of time and effort finding a job that fits you–no need to browse through all listings one by one to find what you are looking for.


A basic membership will let you bid on a max. of 15 jobs/month. This isn’t a bad way to begin but if you are a newbie looking to land your first job, you may require more connects to increase the chances of winning a client over other freelancers. The good thing is that, in case you run out of bids, you can purchase a set of extra bids for just $6.5 to raise your chances. Newbies though should choose and bid on selected projects with caution so that they don’t waste their 15 bids without a promo code.

Nowadays, if we compare average freelancer site fees most bear a 10-20% charge on freelancer earnings. Currently, PPH imposes a 15% fee deduction for every completed job so that is a tad lower than the rest (this % applies to jobs under $280. For jobs that exceed $280, the commision fee drops to only 3.5% so no worries, the bigger cost of the job, the lower the fees. So that isn’t bad at all if we compared it to Upwork and Freelancer which charge a 20% fee for jobs under $500.

However, there are some hidden admin fees and tiers you’ll have to consider, even if you stay inactive for months without signing-in. Some people report getting charged admin account fees which they were not returned, even once they return to the site after months of inactivity.

The site accepts all major funding methods e.g credit card, Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill and Bank Transfers so that is great.

Customer support

Our personal experience, as well as that of other freelancers, reveals that there are some occasional problems with payment processing. Sometimes freelancers are unable to get their earned funds, even after the client has paid for the job and they completed an invoice. There are times that they hold funds for no given reason or prior notice and there is no other option other than to wait a few more days for the funds to be released or contact their customer support to see what’s really going on.

Another occasional issue is that they terminate accounts without any prior warning or notice and you may attempt to sign-in only to find out that your profile has been deleted. Their customer support doesn’t always respond fast and address your issues-sometimes their responses are not helpful at all or go unresponded. The good thing, though, is that they have a dedicated Facebook page which is probably the faster way to reach them out.

So before you join and use the website, there is a bit of chance to work without getting paid –don’t let this put you off,  but be extra careful to follow all the system rules and policies or your account may get deleted without any prior warning or notice.

A tip to get your money on time is to request a withdrawal as soon as the client releases the funds which normally takes 1-3 working days. And make sure you take advantage of other freelancing sites so you don’t end up with less income over the end of the month.

2017 People Per Hour Review

When it comes to the best freelancing sites, PPH (People Per Hour) may not be No1, but is still worth checking out as one of the best possible choices service-wise. Opening an account there is free of charge and you can start building up your profile and posting or bidding on jobs in just a few minutes. There is a wide selection of service categories which cover all sorts of web-based  freelancers–from graphic designers, to media marketers and even academic help services. If we disregard some minor flaws, this is one is a pretty solid platform to do some freelancing business.

Main advantages:

  • Free to join. There is no need to pay in advance to open a new buyer or freelancer account in PPH. The basic membership and main features are free to use. You can bid in a max. Amount of 15 job postings with the basic free membership so that is fair. And in case you run out of bids, you can purchase more connects with $6.5 or around 5 UK pounds for 5 extra connects. So need to risk a certain amount to join and test out the waters.
  • Plenty of job postings. Some freelancing websites are catered to just one market e.g code developers but not this one here. There is a great array of job categories and postings under each market. This allows more diversity for clients and freelancers alike and more chances to find a good client/freelancer match. Freelancers have higher chances of landing a job and clients can choose through various freelancer profiles to find their perfect candidate. Furthermore, freelancers can also bid on various job categories if these are included in their skills–a code developer who also writes articles on the side can bid on article writing jobs as well.
  • Post offers feature. The majority of freelance websites nowadays functions in a job posting model where clients post a job/task request and freelancers respond with their bid. This also is the case with PPH but a nice extra is that they allow freelancers to post their own services and offer hourlies so that clients can purchase them as they wish. e.g I will transcribe a typed document within a day. It goes both ways, clients can either choose to post their job to see available bids or buy directly hourlie packs from freelancers. It is convenient for freelancers as well when looking for clients.


  • High commision rates. Typically most freelancing sites e.g Upwork take anywhere from 3-15% commision rates. PPH charges a relatively high amount of fees e.g 3.5% for amounts that exceed $280 and the commission rates add up to a whopping 15% for jobs that are below $280. Let’s say for example you land a $500 job (the client pays $500 for the job)–once you complete the job, you are going to end up with $92.50 deducted from your earnings. But in general, the higher paying the job, the less % you get charged.
  • Payment issues. Although the website in general operates under a system which makes sures the job is done and client pays for it there are some occasional bugs and issues with payment, as reported by some freelancers and a few clients who use PPH. One occasional issue is that PPH chooses to uphold the payment and leave the funds taken for days or more even after multiple freelance requests. Another less common yet occurring issue is that without any given notice, the system refunds the client and the freelancer ends up with zero earnings in their wallet–so that is technically working for free. An issue that seems to bother lots of people is that often withdrawal requests and release of funds take longer than expected which is 3-14 days after the client has made their deposit. If the client has made its order but wasn’t able to release the funds, the funds take more than 14 days in some cases to be released.
  • Low bidding jobs. Although receiving bids from multiple freelancers is very convenient for clients as they see all bid ranges, there is often a hidden cost for freelancers that truly value their work. The system doesn’t allow you to post bids under £8 but some people bid at the lowest rate accepted in an effort to get the job. This of course undervalues both their work and that of other freelancers who want to charge more but struggle in the midst of low bidders–usually from third world countries with a low cost of living.

The freelancer economy is growing rapidly and people are looking for more flexible ways to make a living according to their skill set. Clients can also choose literally from hundreds of people within their specifications and budget. There is no need to have client relationships like in the traditional job seeking market. Your profile and portfolio speak for themselves.

You can choose to work from any space you wish–your home or your office. There are many flexible job categories to post or add your bids so that equals to more chances of earning an income. 

Final verdict:

PPH is not flawless by any means but their philosophy and platform in general is pretty solid. There are many different freelancing markets so both clients and freelancers can find something that’s a great match. This comes with some drawbacks other hand–clients may settle for low bidding freelancers and sometimes, freelancers don’t directly get the money they deserve. There also fake job postings that never get awarded to someone that waste your time.

But the nice thing is that you get to enjoy all basic features free of charge so there is not much risk involved to test the platform out.

Last update on the PPH promo code: November 2017

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