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Review of ZennoPoster

ZennoPoster is an all-in-one SEO tool distributed by, a website edited by TuMesa Inc., a Belize based company. ZennoPoster automates SEO tasks, which allows professionals to save time while tackling high volume workloads. You will only need a little time to understand how this program works, after which it becomes very easy to use to automate a variety of tasks. ZennoPoster quickly becomes an essential tool for webmasters or even for other professionals such as accountants.


ZennoPoster: a surprising referencing tool

Once it has been set up, ZennoPoster can monitor a website more efficiently than a human would. Thanks to the included task scheduler, it regularly generates a detailed report of the monitoring. It can also partly manage the running of a website: with specific keywords or expressions, it can retrieve content on a diversity of supports (applications, search engines…). It can sign-up for you on social networks, forums, and publish contents (whole articles, comments…).

It can tackle all the workload in a short amount of time, when you would have needed several months. It is all the more efficient since it can spot and bypass CAPTCHAs. Like a human, it can slip through the cracks. As you will have understood, this is a tool designed for professionals. At your request, it can carry out spams for your website. There are many benefits of using this tool properly. Widely distributed automatic publications generate “back links” which are a source of increased traffic on the website; this will in turn catch the attention of search engines. As a result, your website will be ranked at the top on specific searches. This position will be long-lasting or even permanent if the website was properly built upstream.

A glimpse at the potential uses of ZennoPoster

Provided that you know how ton configure it properly, the tool ZennoPoster can:

  • Use C# macros without any pre-requisite,
  • Create, use and save .csv and .txt files,
  • Launch a .bat or executable file,
  • Pilot a Zenno template from another template,
  • Communicate with a PHP website (sending of emails, DDB request)
  • Interact with websites (sending GET/POST requests, filling form fields…),
  • Pull Majestic Seo’s Citation Flow and Trust Flow from API,
  • Scrap a website and pull useful data,
  • Manage tabulations and data lists,
  • Manage and use proxies upon request,
  • Efficiently manage threads.

Besides ZennoPoster 5 (up-to-date version), you can also find two others tools on, including ZennoproxyChecker and CapMonster 2, a powerful tool for CAPTCHA recognition.

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