Coupon Code & Discount Strikingly in January 2016

You chose Strikingly for the inventive creation of your website. As you setup your subscription details, you realize that you require a valid coupon code to be eligible to an attractive discount on your total bill. Worry no longer as you are on the right website, actually even on the right webpage! Follow the link below in order to get your Strikingly 2016 coupon code, we’ll explain how to use it right afterwards.

Using the coupon code is rather simple. Before settling the cost of the service on the payment form, merely follow this link and type the code in the input box.

Presentation of Strikingly website hosting service


Strikingly is an edition and web hosting service offering solutions for the creation and upload of any website in less than half an hour, even to users who know nothing about the intricacies of computer programming. Thanks to a wide choice of Templates, almost all operations can be realized within the user interface through the use of modules to be dragged and dropped to the right place. With Strikingly, one can autonomously create and manage a professional quality showcase website, a successful online store, as well as many other websites to be selected from an array of categories such as « Entertainment », « Startup », « Event », « Portfolio » and « Business ». Moreover, each website created with Strikingly is immediately made accessible even by mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets: these websites are called « responsive ».

Strikingly : how to ?

In order to use Strikingly services, you need to register by providing a name, an e-mail address and a password or simply log in using your Facebook account. Once registered, the user is prompted to select a subscription model (the subscription model can be edited at any given time) in order to start creating websites. Before proceeding with the selection, available examples can be reviewed. Default selection provides a free website associated to domain name. Subscription to a paid service gives the possibility to use a customized domain name, previously bought or booked from this low cost web host.

Two available subscription plans:

In order to gain access to an exceptional quality website with Strikingly, customers can choose one of the available two offers:

  1. « Limited » web hosting

This subscription option, starting at $5 USD per month, allows uploading up to two websites with their own domain names and limited functionalities. As far as monthly traffic is concerned, 50 Go of monthly bandwidth are provided. Online stores with up to 5 items per website can be hosted. By subscribing to the yearly subscription plan, customers gain access to free mailing accounts for each hosted domain.

  1. « Pro » web hosting

Starting at $16 USD per month and even less when using a Strikingly Coupon Code, this subscription option allows hosting 3 « Pro » websites with the advantages below:

  • unlimited bandwidth,
  • password protection for each website,
  • specific domain names,
  • removal of Strikingly logo and any reference to Strikingly,
  • integrated mobile action buttons (calls, e-mails),
  • ability to open blogging, editing or admin access for your associates,
  • code integration (Javascript, CSS, HTML) directly in your website.

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